Coworking and community at 544 Spruce Street in Scranton, PA.

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Desinal Tap

25 February 2015

Critical feedback can be crucial to the success of a design. Seeing things from a fresh perspective during the creative process is important as it helps us understand how others may perceive what we’re working on. Issues arise that we hadn’t considered. Solutions that were so illusive become clear. 


Five Dollar Fridays

12 February 2015

Need we say more?


Unconference Lunch

10 February 2015

Today we held an Unconference Lunch at Coalwork. Kyle made chili and cornbread, Jim brought in some rolls, and Nick brought a few brownies. We had a lively discussion about some things happening in Scranton, and also about how to better help promote coworking in Scranton.

We enjoyed it so much we’re going to have an Unconference Lunch the first week of each month. And you’re all invited.


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