A group of us opened Coalwork 18 months ago to help encourage collaboration to a town that has always felt siloed—to connect people from different walks of life that may have never met. While we’ve seen some progress, we feel there is still a lot of work to do.

We have decided to close the Coalwork space at 544 Spruce Street in Scranton and take the community online. We feel that the space just hasn’t seen the amount of use that necessitates its existence at this time and continuing to make something so under-utilized available really isn’t benefitting anyone. So, we’re planning to take our show on the road, so-to-speak. We’ll be traveling to other shared spaces and looking into pop-up coworking days, both locally and beyond. We’re keeping our chat room active and plan on exploring other ways to virtually maintain (and hopefully grow) the community.

Our hope is that by building a more-active online community and by becoming nomadic, we can educate more people about the benefits of coworking. This should make Coalwork more accessible and stronger than ever.

Coworking isn’t about the space, it’s about the people. We’ll find ways to work together, wherever we can.

Check our Facebook page for updates.